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 Fleet reorganization

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PostSubject: Fleet reorganization   Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:51 am

--- Incoming Transmission ---


We would like announce the following changes to the 44th Fleet structure. The purpose of these changes is to make the fleet more closely reflect those of Star Trek Online MMO.

1) Since there is no legal department in the game, the legal division in our fleet is dissolved.

2) Our security and combat divisions are now combined into a single division. There will also now be 3 squads to the division rather than 2.

3) Our Engineering division has been expanded to include 2 teams.

In addition, the following personnel changes have also been made.
1) Lt(JG) Kugis Borgir has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and transferred to Delta Engineering Team.
2) Ensign Corregador has been promoted to Lieutenant.
3) Rear Admiral Blackwell of the former Security Division has been promoted to Vice Admiral and is now the commanding officer for the Combat Division.
4) Ensign Nexus1111 of the former security division has been transferred to Alpha Squad of the new Combat Division.

For those that have received promotions, Congratulations for work well done!
If anyone has any questions regarding any of these changes, please contact your commanding officer.

Admiral Latinumbar, out.

--- End Transmission ---
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Fleet reorganization
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