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 Fleet Restructure

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PostSubject: Fleet Restructure   Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:10 am


On behalf of the 44th Command, I am excited to announce the official restructuring of the fleet. In order to make the fleet more compatible with in game play of STO, we have reorganized the divisions as follows. The fleet will be divided into 3 Divisions (Tactical, Engineering, and Science). Each division will have 3 sub-divisions.

Strategic Missions Command Division
- Assault Squad Alpha sub-division
- Defense Force Beta sub-divison
- Intelligence Division Sigma sub-division

Fleet Engineering Operations Division
- Technician Team Delta sub-division
- Fabrication Gamma sub-division
- Battletech Group Theta sub-division

Scientific Exploration Corps
- Scientific research Team Zeta sub-division
- Exploration Kappa sub-division
- Medical Team Omega sub-division

A new roster will be posted shortly. Please specify in that thread which sub-division you would like to be assigned to. If you have been meaning to switch divisions, now is you opportunity. These subdivisions are based on what we know of the character types in STO, found in the following interview:

Quote :
The characters are divided into three core archetypes. These are, as mentioned, Tactical, Engineer and Science. Each of those three archetypes then has three careers off of it, where players can spec their skills as they choose.

For Tactical players these careers are: Soldier (damage), Security (defensive/tank), and Special Ops (stealth).

For Engineers, these careers are: Technician (Buff/debuff), Fabrication (turrets), and Combat (manipulation of the battlefield).

Finally, for Scientists, the options are: Researcher (Emitters, group buffs/debuffs), Scientist (individual buffs/debuffs) and Medical (healer).

Also, I would like to announce that we are officially opening our new website for registration. If you know what character name you will be using in STO, you may register under that name, or you may register with your current forum name. The address is www.44thfleet.com
If you are registering under a different name from this forum, please post the new name along with your sub-division request.
For technical problems with the site, please make a post in the 'Technical support' forum over there.

Finally, we have appointed the following members to oversee the new divisions and sub-divisions:
-Strategic Missions commanding officer will be Vadm Vampyre, XO Radm Guiness,
-Engineering Operations commanding officer will be Vadm Dondead, XO Radm BrelTurrin
-Science Corp commanding officer will be Vadm Chickenbranches, XO Radm Desmond2411
--Assault Squad Leader will be Capt Offcaboose
--Defense Force Leader willbe Capt Lexor90
--Fabrication Leader will be Capt Kugis Borgir
--Exploration Leader will be Capt Durgan

Congratulations to our new division heads.

Admiral Latinumbar, out

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Admiral Webster
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Admiral Webster

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PostSubject: Re: Fleet Restructure   Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:58 am

Congratulations, to all members who were promoted to fill critical areas in the new fleet structure. Also, as Fleet Admiral, I would like to give a special thanks and job well done to Admiral's Intrepid, Latinumbar, and Dondead for coming together and brainstorming on the new fleet structure. The finished product represents the braintrusts of the Fleet at it's finest. Good job gentlemen, couldn't have asked for better Admirals to help lead this Fleet. This is the dawn of a new day for the 44th Fleet.......we will ascesnd and we will overcome anything or anyone who choose to do the Federation harm.

We are the mighty 44th......

Admiral Webster
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Fleet Restructure
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