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 Something "NEW" about STO part 3

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PostSubject: Something "NEW" about STO part 3   Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:12 pm

Corporate and technical:
No pricing decisions have been made as of March, 2009. [CZ12]
The game is slated for release on February 2, 2010 in North America and February 5 in Europe. [Source]
There are plans to localize this game into French and German. [Source]
The game's system requirements can be found here.
This short development cycle is provided by Cryptic's experience and already existent game engine.
CBS "has been great" working with Cryptic Studios.
Animation will be done manually, not using motion capture.
The number of servers has not been decided, but they'd like to have just one big server.
This should be a game for "children of all ages", although Emmert stresses the importance of parental supervision for younglings.
At launch, Star Trek Online will be a Windows game; no LINUX or Mac clients. [LVWc] [Source]
The game is being developed for both PCs and consoles. [OFAQ]
The development team will stay on after the game is launched, so as to guarantee that post-release content is of high quality. [CZ8]
Micro-transactions may be a part of STO, although mainly for purely aesthetic items. Any performance-enhancing object that can be obtained through micro-transactions can also be earned in-game. [Dev comment]

All controls are completely remappable.
Although color and audio will sometimes be used to convey information, they will not be the only markers.
The Bajoran Wormhole is in the game, and you can explore the inside of it. [CZ14]
With Starfleet, you start out with a ship of the Miranda configuration. [Dc1]
There are plans to include content related to the Mirror Universe and Section 31.
There will be some stealth abilities. [GCI08] Starfleet officers will not have free access to cloaking, although they may receive temporary access to a cloaking device to use under certain circumstances.
There are ways to detect cloaked ships; Science ships will be good at this. [AC11]
There will be different types of tricorders, and how you can use them depends on you character's abilities. [CZ2]
Multi-Vector Assault Mode and saucer separation probably won't be in at launch.
Cryptic has been talking to a few "celebrities" [CZ3], as well as with Bad Robot and IDW [CZ5], although nothing further has been disclosed at this point.
There will be collision detection both on the ground and in space, although ships will not take damage from accidentally bumping into each other. There is, however, a ramming skill that you can choose; this allows you to do damage to another ship, and the ability to use self-destruct to deal damage.
There will be a tractor/repulsor beam that you can use. One use of this could be to repel ships that are about to explode, so as not to go down with them. [AC10]
There will be a "Captain's Log" which contains a lot of info about what you've experienced in the game. [AC8]
There will be "all sorts of medals and accolades that you can achieve by exploration."
It does not seem likely that Borg will be playable; definitely not at launch.
Holograms and changeling have been considered as possible crewmembers.
There will probably be some sort of "raid" content, although in exactly what form is a bit uncertain. [CZ8]
There are some very big creatures on the ground, and even larger ones in space. [Dc1]
There will be restrictions on what names players can use in-game; you shouldn't run into "Admiral XX L33T HAX0R XX". [GM comment]

This has been copyed from STO forums (by HyorD)
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Something "NEW" about STO part 3
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