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 Friendly Reminders

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PostSubject: Friendly Reminders   Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:36 pm

Remember to stay active here and on the official STO forums using our EXISTING thread please.

This thread can be located here:


Remember that posting a new topic about the 44th fleet on STO's site is a violation of their forum rules as well as our own rules *as of now*. We don't want to get banned from the STO's community and posting topics like that isnt setting a good example for potential recruits.

Please dont let this discourage you from bumping our thread, but just remember to follow their and our rules. Also if you unclear of any rules or regulations please contact one of the admirals and we will be more than glad to inform you.

We are the Mighty 44th Fleet. Hurrah.

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Friendly Reminders
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