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 Aurora Fleet Inter-fleet RP Rules

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PostSubject: Aurora Fleet Inter-fleet RP Rules   Sat Nov 21, 2009 5:16 am

1. Interfleet RP is to be held on the Aurora Fleet forum boards. Admiral Silver will be in charge of assuring that the RP thread is copied over to the STO boards for maximum exposure and the entertainment of peoples not affiliated with the participant fleets.

2. For maximum efficiency, participating fleets are to have no more than two representatives taking part. Any more and chaos threatens to take hold. If this RP goes well, it may be decided to expand.

3. Every participant will be the representative of their own ship (Captain, XO etc)

4. To assure that the RP continues, it will be mandatory that participants make at least 4 posts a week. More are encouraged, of course. Razz

5. 'Godmoding' will not be tolerated. Please do not force someone's characters to do something they would not do, or that would be detrimental to their health or that of the story.

6. Admiral Jacorp will be the primary GM for this RP. Admiral Darl will be assisting when needed.

7. Please refrain from playing story NPCs. The GM's will respond with story NPC reactions when needed. (Do however, feel free to play non story critical NPCs on your own ship.)

8. Keep OOC comments to a minimum. If you require clarification on something, please preface the question with (OOC:).

9. Be aware that Aurora Fleet is a family oriented fleet, and that no harsh language or personal (OOC) attacks will be tolerated. If this rule is violated, you *WILL* be removed from the RP.

10. There will be a max of two reps allowed from each fleet to take part is the RP so make sure these people will be active.

12. The RP will have a time limit of one month or until it is complete. The start date will be Nov 29th.

11. Don't worry about being 'perfect'. Just strive to have fun and provide the best story you can!

Further instructions on where the RP will be posted in will follow.
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PostSubject: Re: Aurora Fleet Inter-fleet RP Rules   Sat Nov 21, 2009 5:17 am

If you would like to join us please post your Character name and the name of your ship. We thank you and hope your Fleet will join us and the other fleets that will be join in as well.
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Aurora Fleet Inter-fleet RP Rules
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